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what happens
when you donate
to TGF?


We believe that your reliance on our accountability system is of utmost importance and we work hard to maintain the trust that you have instilled in us. 


Your contributions, both financial and in-kind, are received by our finance department for accounting and allocation to its respective programs. Each program is chaired by our dedicated coordinators who ensure that your donations are utilized efficiently and ethically. 

Delivery Guy

Your donation of medical supplies and equipment are crucial in saving the lives of millions of people who lack access to well equipped hospitals.


Your contribution could be the difference between life and death. 

  • Medical equipment that has been customized to fit your specifically 
  • Any medication that is prescribed by a doctor 

  • Any over the counter drugs that are opened or within 1 year of expiration

We do not accept the following

Tax Considerations

  • TGF will not evaluate the value of any in-kind donations 

Other Ways to Give
Other ways to Donate

Donate supplies through amazon wish list 


Want to leave a donation in your will? View sample bequest language to add to your will

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Internal Controls

Internal Controls

  • Monthly bank reconciliation 

  • Quarterly financial reports for board members

  • Dual signatures required on a check

  • Secured storage for in-kind donations

  • Secured data collection and storage

  • Segregation of duties between financial officers

  • System of checks and balances between departments 

  • Random program audits with external auditors

  • Transparency training 

  • Background checks for financial officers
    Mandatory quarterly password updates 

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